FREE Wire Jewelry Tutorial Part 1: Making Shapes

Here’s a tutorial fit for beginners! With this tutorial you’ll learn how to make the square shape. The techniques you’ll learn are just the basics, but it’ll help you to be familiar working with wires and pliers.

Square Shape

First, cut 30cm length of copper wire. Straighten the wire before being bent to shape. This can be done using tissue paper by applying pressure with your thumb to take the curve out of the wire.
Bend the wire using a round nose wires with the edge of the pliers. Apply some pressure with your thumb to form a tight loop.

Hold the wire close to the loop with flat nose pliers and bend it against the pliers to create a corner as shown in picture.

Continue bending the wire so the square is formed.

Make a loop and position your round nose plier at the centre. Using your left hand bend the wire upward and form a loop.
Continue to form the wire into a square.
Now, make another loop at the other end of the square.
Cut of excess wire and place the square shape onto a steel block and hammer it evenly.
You now have a square shape with loops at both sides.
Now, you learned how to make the square shape using wire work skills but this is not yet the end.
Keep your square shape because you’ll be using it soon.
Tomorrow we’ll teach you another shape so keep posted for Part 2 and before the end of the week, you’ll be surprised of what you can come up with using these shapes ♥ Be reminded that Part 1 will only be available at the blog for a limited time.


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