FREE Beading Tutorial: Elegant Beaded Necklace Part 2

We’re back and ready to start for our
Elegant Beaded Necklace Tutorial Part 2

If you like to follow through you can visit Part 1 HERE

Step 12: Now we are ready to make the second layer of the necklace. Pass the 2 threads one by one from the loop through the bicone crystal as shown by the arrow.

Step 13: Then pass the 2 threads through the 2 seed beads. Pass one of the threads into the pearl bead as shown. Now you notice, the both threads are placed next to the pearl of each side.

Step 14: Now thread in 2 pearl beads at the right thread and 1 bead at the left thread.

Step 15: Cross the right thread into the pearl bead at the left.

Step 16: Tighten the thread. Thread in 2 seed beads as shown by the arrow.

Step 17: Pass the right thread thru the bicone and seed beads next to it. Thread in 1 bicone crystal and 2 seed beads. Then thread in a pearl bead at the left thread.

Step 18: Then cross the thread at the left into the pearl bead and tighten the thread.

Step 19: Repeat step 13 to step 17 to complete the second layers.

Step 20: You should end the second layer with 4 pearls as shown in the picture.

Step 21: Pass the remaining thread back into the pearl and seed beads until you reach the other end of the necklace. Tighten the thread and cut off excess threads.

Step 22: The picture shows that how to loop is locked onto the pearl bead at both ends of the necklace.

Here is another variation of the necklace wherein all beads and crystals used are in white colors. You can make a really elegant beaded necklace with the steps we’ve shared!

Hope you had fun with the tutorial!

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