We have been inspired on making another heart shape accessory.
Do you still remember the Bead Wrapped Heart Earrings we shared on the blog?

We created a variation using the same steps on how to shape the heart and made 3 hearts in different sizes!

This is a beginner tutorial that will surely make you fall in love with handmade jewelry making! Learn making heart shapes that you can use as charms, pendants and in this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make heart shape earrings.

The tutorial will teach how to link, making loops and simple wire manipulation that will help you be comfortable working with wires.

Materials (for 1 earring):
Measurement of 0.8mm (20ga)wire: 19cm (7 inches), 12cm (5 inches), 8cm (3 inches)
Ear wire

Tools: Wire cutter
Tape measure or ruler
Round nose pliers
Hammer and block

Step 1: Preparing the wires
Prepare 3 (20ga) wires in 7, 5 and 3 inches. If you want the hearts bigger simply add the same length on all 3 wires. For example, you added 2 inches on the 7-inch wire then add 2 inches too on the 5 and 3-inch wires.

Step 2: Bail
Using your round nose pliers, grip the 7 inches slightly off the center of the wire with the left side slightly longer. Wrap the left wire (longer side) onto the tip of the round nose pliers and make a loop like shown in this picture.

Step 3: Shaping the heart
Bend the wire downward and create a curve using a mandrel or any rounded object. Start shaping the heart frame by crossing the wires at the bottom, leaving a few centimetres tail. Make two sides of the tail of the same length.

Step 4: Loops
With the tip of your round nose pliers create a loop on the tails.

You now have your first heart shape frame. Repeat Step 1 to 4 and create 2 more hearts with your 5 and 3 inches wires.

Step 5: Hammering
Then hammer your 3 heart shapes.

Step 6: Linking
Open up a jump ring and link the 7 and 5 inches hearts. Open up another jump ring and link the 5 and 3 inches hearts.

You now have 3 hearts linked.

Step 7: Attaching ear wires
Finally, open one more jump ring. Hook it up onto the biggest heart and attach your ear wire.

You have now created a pair of 3 Hearts Earrings! Hope you like it!


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