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Here is a beautiful earring fit for a bride’s maid! The flower shaped bead serves as the focal bead, bezeled by weaving pearls. Creating the earring requires basic 8-Figure or right angle weaving technique and is fit for beginners who likes to explore basic beading handmade jewelry making.

Let me give you an idea how to create this earring ♥

First, string some pearls and create a circle.

Thread in your focal bead, in this case a flower shaped bead, crossing both threads and then pull.

You now have bezeled your flower bead.

Then using right angle weave beading technique create 2 sets of RAW with your pearls and round beads.

Then create a bail with some seed beads, attach your ear wire and secure the thread by making knots and cutting off excess thread.

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads

There your go!
Now you can have your own Bride’s Maid Earrings

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