Commonly Used Pliers for Jewelry Making And Design Ideas

Recall that we have asked our friends in Facebook about ”what one jewelry making tool you can’t live without”. We have received flurry of answers-creativity, imagination, fingers or inspirations, but majority of which answered PLIERS.
Don’t get us wrong, from, needles to pliers to hammers to create one dazzling jewelry! Some of the tools are just basically can be found around your house like scissors, rulers, pencils, cork boards, containers. However, let’s focus on the pliers in jewelry making.
There are a lot of pliers with different functions, to fold, squeeze to wire wrap but it is advisable to choose small pliers as you will be working with small details. We will be featuring different kinds of pliers that are commonly used by our fellow Jewelry making enthusiasts.

Round Nose Pliers

Round Nose Pliers can be very useful in looping techniques,
example of which are the loops made, resembling a peacock’s tail in this Peacock Wire Bangle by XQ Designs
The round nose pliers is essential in making the first loop for spiraling like in this video with Lisa Niven Kelly.
…and with the help of a Bent Nose or Chain Nose Pliers you can grip and manipulate the wire with ease.
They can also be used to close jump rings, bend wire or as that extra ring fingers.
Bent nose or chain nose pliers is also useful in wire wrapping. Wire tends to be stiff and hard to manipulate at times. If you try to wrap wires using your fingers it may hurt a bit, but with that extra  fingers, the chain nose or bent nose pliers you’ll find it easier to wrap wires.
Here’s how to make a Bling Bling Ring by Auntie’s Beads with a Bent nose pliers wherein the tool is made useful to make the final wrap at the side of the ring band.
Make sure that the handle grips of your pliers are comfortable, so it can minimize tension in repeated use. In time, you’ll be familiar with the pressure you need to exert in handling the tool.
Wire Cutter
Side cutter is one of the most common and widely used by jewelry makers. It’s more convenient and the cut is much nicer, even and without a scratch. So many enthusiasts prefer this than buying other different kinds of cutter.
Check out this cute Wire Caged Bead Tutorial by Lorraine Dowdle where these 3 types of pliers are used to make a wire caged bead.

There are a lot of pliers out there with its distinguished functions and importance. In a nutshell, these pliers featured today are widely and commonly used by our wire jewelry or jewelry making enthusiasts. Keep in mind that with only these basic tools you can already start making wire jewelry.
 We hope this article is made useful for everyone.
Have you got a favorite pliers? Let us know and share your stories.
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