How to make wire jewelry: Flower and Leaf Ring

Hi guys! As we promised on our Facebook Fanpage we’ll let you take a peek on the latest wire jewelry tutorial from XQDesigns!

Flower and Leaf Ring Jewelry Making Tutorial

For a sweet lady like me LOL this ring will definitely fit on you!

Unlike “Unlock the Secret Garden,” bangle, this ring has now bloomed into a beautiful flower.

First, create the ring band by cutting 2 pcs of wire, wrapped and then shaped onto a mandrel.

Carefully, create the flower petals.

Place the beads into the petal frame and adjust to create the desired shape.

Now, with the remaining wires form a leaf and cover with wires.

Voila! You now have a flower and leaf ring! ♥

Create variations, change color and size of materials and wear them together, like matching flower and leaf rings!

What’s exciting about this design is that if you make the ring size into a wrist size, you can also create a bangle. You can even create a brooch with the same techniques of shaping the flower and leaves.

Excited to make one for yourself? Check out the tutorial at and have fun making a garden of flower and leaf rings!

♥ ♥ ♥

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