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It was a one great weekend and we are now about to create our first day right! How about squeezing in a jewelry making on a manic Monday? We’re very excited to feature one great video tutorial from one of our affiliated friends in Jewelry Making Professor
This video tutorial by Eri Attebery of Jewelry Making Professor is only for 7 days. Every tutorial starts from Sunday to Saturday and is totally for FREE! For our friends who unfortunately put their projects to halt because of our videos have been changed, all you have to do is to REGISTER HERE at Jewelry Making Professor to access previous videos or to more than a 100 videos!

Upbeat your glam quotient by learning how to make beaded jewelry just like this Square Ring by Eri Attebery of Jewelry Making Professor
This tutorial features you how to use the Right Angle Weaving Technique to create the square ring.
Be creative and fill it with your own style. We will also feature video tutorials which uses 
the RAW technique namely, Beaded Ring & Crystal Rectangle Ring. 
     First, you’ve got to prepare the materials needed for this tutorial:
  • 24 x 4mm Czech fire polished clear beads for the base
  • 20 x 4mm bicone crystals (color 1) 
  • 16 x 4mm bicone crystals (color 2) 
  • 50 x 11/0 seed beads 
  • 16 x 4mm Czech fire polished aqua beads 
  • 14 x 3mm bicone crystals (to match color 1) 
  • 40 inches beading thread 
  • Flush cutter

Here’s the most awaited video tutorial for this 
How fashionable are these Crystal Rings?
This tutorial by Sara of Beads Friends will instruct you how to create a beaded ring 
using the Right Angle Weave technique. 
Materials needed:
  • 2 colours of seed beads size 11/0
  • 1 colour of seed bead size 15/0
  • Needle (big eye needle or John James needle size 10-12). 
  • Also you need the thread, and you can use a specific beadweaving thread just like C-Lon, Super-Lon, SoNo, Nymo, One-G, ecc… size 0,20-0,30mm or you can use a nylon thread just like Fireline).
CLICK HERE for the Beaded Ring Tutorial
This is another informative step by step video tutorial by Kelly of Offthebeadedpath 
on how to make a right angle weave ring by using the 3mm round & 3mm bicones.
CLICK HERE for the Crystal Rectangle Ring tutorial
Learn how to bezel a Swarovski Square Crystal size12mm using 
Delica Beads or Seed Beads by Sara of Beads Friends

CLICK HERE for the Swarovski Square Crystal with Beads Tutorial
Loads of tutorials await our friends, keep updated for more!
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