DIY Beaded Bracelet Using 2-Needle RAW beading pattern

Don’t be fooled. This may look really simple but this diy beaded bracelet is equals to sparkling and fun!

diy beaded bracelet

…but to Vickie, it’s equals to VERY FUN!Yup, that’s how Vickie described the Sparking Bracelet Tutorial in 2 words.

Curios to find out why VERY FUN? Read the full review HERE!

The Sparking Bracelet Jewelry Making Tutorial aims to teach beginners the 2-needle RAW or Figure 8 beadweaving technique and at the same time, it will also teach you how to add rows. Learning the basic you can create variations for the Sparkling Bracelet and use it in other designs as well.

The diagram is showing 2 colors of beads and 2 colors of thread.

With folded thread, make 1 set of 4 beads or crystals as shown in the diagram.

Working in figure 8 motion, continue to thread beads following the diagram until you reach desired length.

To add rows, say you reached your desired length cross the threads onto the bead on the left side of the diagram.

Continue adding more beads onto the left side of the diagram until you reach the same length as the first row.

Voila! You have learned the 2-needle RAW or Figure 8 beadweaving technique!

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