How to Knot Pearls or Restring Pearls

Can’t get enough of elegant DIY Jewelries?

Here is a wonderful idea from How to Make Beaded Jewelry  
I love jewelries made out of pearls and I really can’t get out of it! In short, I am addicted to it.
A lot of women like me are fond of wearing pearl necklaces because it gives a classy and elegant look.
However some women shy away from buying pearl jewelries as they are quite costly.
Worry no more, I have found this tutorial from

How to Make Beaded Jewelry .

This tutorial fits to all DIY Jewelry enthusiasts, from beginners to advanced.
Sport that elegant look and make everyone drool on your jewelry!

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By Jane Chew

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Jane Chew

Jane is the Chief Editor of Handmade Jewelry Club. She also founded DIY Jewelry Making Magazine @ .For More Info, Visit my Google + Profile

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