FREE Cat’s Eye Bracelet Jewelry Making Tutorial

One of the easiest way to create a bracelet or necklace other than simple stringing is through linking technique. With this technique it gives me the freedom to play with different sizes of beads in units and every unit of beads can be created differently. The links can also add length which means lesser number of beads can be used – less expensive! The links also gives enough space for the beads or units to move while wearing them, plus it’s a quick way to make a bracelet!

Here is a tutorial perfect for anyone who likes to have a classy bracelet in just minutes! With this tut, you’ll learn how to create a simple unit of beads, link them together and have an accessory in an instant.

Cat’s Eye Bracelet by XQDesigns

Eye pins
Bead caps
Cat’s Eye beads
Toggle Lock

Round nose pliers
Wire cutter
Flat nose pliers

Step 1: Bring up an eye pin, bead cap and cat’s eye bead.

Step 2: Slide the bead cap, followed by the cat’s eye bead into the eye pin.

Step 3: With a flat nose pliers, bend the wire at 90 degrees like shown in this picture.

Step 4: Measure approximately 0.5 inch from the tip of the wire and then cut the wire with wire cutter.

Step 5: Bring up your round nose pliers and grip the tip of the wire.

Step 6: Make a loop by turning your wrist towards you.

Step 7: Keep turning until you make a full turn.

Step 8: You now have created 1 unit. Repeat Steps 1 to 7 and create units of cat’s eye beads needed to make a bracelet. In this tutorial we’ve created 12 units.

Step 9: Bring up 2 units of cat’s eye bead. Using a flat nose pliers slightly open 1 side of the loop on 1 unit like shown in this picture.

Step 10: Once the loop is open, link another unit by hooking it up onto the opened loop.

Step 11: Take your round nose pliers and carefully close the loop again.

Step 12: You now have linked 2 units. Keep linking the units of cat’s bead until you have enough links to create a bracelet.

Step 13: Open 2 jump rings and attach 1 jump ring onto the last unit, together with a loop lock. On the other end, attach again a jump ring, followed by a “T” lock.

You’re done!

See how quick, easy, simple but classy your bracelet is? Create it in different colors and make a friend happy today by giving one in her favorite color.

Now, did you love linking? Why not create a bangle this time? Shape the wire, add twirls and spirals the way how you want them! Learn how to create a Free-Form Wire Bangle!


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