FREE Ways to Wrap a Tear Drop Bead Jewelry Making Tutorial

There are several ways how to wire wrap a bead, but here are two ways that over the years, XQDesigns have learned through trials and error how to wire wrap a tear drop bead and we’ll call it the Classic Wrap and Capped Wrap. These two ways of wrapping a tear drop bead will be an essential skill that any jewelry maker, designer or artisan will be able to use in creating wire jewellery.

Classic Wrapping Technique

This technique of wrapping a tear drop bead is meant if you wanted the tear drop to dangle freely and have a bit of space to move while wearing it, let’s say as earrings.

Capped Wrapping Technique

The 2nd technique is what we call “Capped.” As you can see, a wire is wrapped, covering the top part of the tear drop bead. This way of wrapping is best for pendants as it is more secured and the wrapped section also adds texture to the piece.

If you want to learn the steps how to do the classic and capped wire wrapping technique, visit this post by Wendy of the Workroom. As you learn the techniques, you may discover new techniques how to wire wrap a tear drop bead in your way.

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    1. I’m not sure if you are talking about macarme or knotting as in pearl stringing. Pearl stringing uses a plain overhand knot. If you are using other beads, with larger holes, you may have to use bead caps or spacer beads to prevent knots slipping through the holes. There are many ways to attach a clasp, all dependent on the type of clasp, how you end the necklace / bracelet and your own preferences. May I suggest an on-line search for pearl stringing or pearl knotting.


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