FREE Bead Cuff Bracelet Pattern


Have you tried bead looming and tapestry with beading? Well, explore the technique with this colorful design for a cuff bracelet with Mirrix Tapestry pattern!Mirrix Tapestry/Beaded Cuff Bracelet Pattern

I know bead looming and beading but I haven’t tried tapestry. Creating the beaded cuff by Claudia Chase involves all three. Learning the techniques, I would consider them a new set of skills for me where I can incorporate all three techniques and create a different kind of handmade jewelry!

I have downloaded the FREE PDF Copy and it has 30 very informative pages. With 2 Chapters, you’ll learn how to use the bead loom and learn three tapestry techniques: Hatching, Wavy Lines and Pick and Pick that you can use on other designs as well. From start to finish, Mirrix Tapestry will teach you how to weave or should I, say create the tapestry, assemble the bead cuff and embellish it with beads.
Whooping great techniques to learn, aren’t they?

So, get over to Mirrix Tapestry & Bead Looms at this LINK and DOWNLOAD THE FREE BEAD CUFF PATTERN HERE!

Have fun making tapestry handmade jewelries!!!



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    4 Comments On “FREE Bead Cuff Bracelet Pattern”

    1. Hi, I’ve tried everything to get my free copy for the tapestry cuff. Could you please help me. Thank you Louise Edwards


    2. Hello Louise, you need to click the links provided on the article that will lead you to the tutorial at Craftsy. If you’re not yet a member of Craftsy you need to register before you can download the free tutorial. Hope that helps and cheers!


    3. I’m a member of Craftsy & have purchased classes through them. I can NOT get this pattern for free–the class is $14.99 and has been on my wishlist for months. The pattern is NOT free. at best you can buy it for $5.00

      It may have been given away a one time, but I don’t believe it is anymore.


      • Hello there 🙂 Yes, the pattern was free before. This blogpost was posted June of 2012. It has been 3 years that has passed and maybe the promo for this pattern has ended.


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