Choosing the right combination of colors for your handmade jewelries

One thing that makes handmade jewelries look attractive, other than the design is the colors. Having the right combination of colors, especially in beadweaving is essential at it adds beauty to the piece. Now, this has been a constant problem of mine and maybe to some handmade jewelry crafters, too.

There was once an instant where I had a design in my mind, but couldn’t get myself start creating it because I don’t have enough materials or I thought I don’t have but it turned out I do. I have this color scheme planned in my mind and I don’t see them in my stack of beads and I felt frustrated. I felt frustrated for days, almost a week trying to mix match the colors and making use of what I have but just couldn’t get it right. I look at my stack of beads and I could see I have some still in sealed packs so I told myself, “What’s the problem? Why can’t I get the right feel and combination of colors?” I got tired of thinking so I just sat down quietly. After awhile I started asking myself, “How do I get the right combination of colors?” That thought made me start searching and look for helpful stuff on the web. I know about color wheel chart but don’t really understand how to use it. I started reading, picked out the basic techniques to get me started and here’s what I found out.

12 Color Wheel by Tiger Color

The 12 color wheel is the most used version and is based on the red, yellow, blue primary colors. The basic key to get the right combination of colors, any color that is opposite each other is complementary colors, meaning; they harmonize, pleasing to the eyes and therefore, the right combination of colors. That’s why red and green, the Christmas colors complement each other.

If you want to use 3 color combinations you use the Triadic color scheme.

But take note, you do not just choose 3 colors opposite each other. Looking closely at the color wheel, each color is spaced evenly with 3 colors in between. If you choose blue, for combinations you should have red orange and yellow green. To achieve a balance color, choose a color that you will make dominant or use more and make the other 2 colors as accent colors.

You can also use 4 combination of colors and create like a square using the color wheel. Just like in Triadic, with 4 combinations each color should be spaced evenly. For 12 color wheel, you should have a gap or space of 2 colors in between. For other color wheel charts, same process applies.

For me, these are the basic ways to mix match and find the right combination of colors and it helped me a lot. You can add white to a color combination to make the combination warm and light or you can mix them with black to add shadow and make the combinations cool. You can buy a color wheel at your local bookstores and I believe they don’t cost too much or you can just save an image at your laptop, desktop or handy-dandy gadgets you have like iPads and Tablets or even a mobile phone.

To find out more about other color schemes such as Rectangle, Split-Complementary and Analogous color schemes check out Tiger Color.

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