Wire Jewelry Basic: How to make coiled jewelries


Remember the Upside Down Earrings I made that I learned from Realistic Art video tutorial?
Well, I decided to add a coiling technique and created a totally new set of earrings. Honestly, I had fun making the earrings and decided to call it, “Upside Down Heart with a Twist

I used the wire heart to serve like a bail then coiled a 28ga wire and attached it to the earring. Coiling is a wire work technique often used when creating wire jewelry. Learning how to coil, you can create lots of variations to a single jewelry design.

In creating the coil I used a tool called the “Coiling Gizmo” It’s a metal tool that comes with different gauges of rods that you clamp onto a table and use the rod to coil the wire.
FDJ On Time

If in case you don’t have a coiling gizmo here are simple steps how to coil a wire.

Cut out a 28ga wire and wrap the wire onto a bigger gauge wire.

Then using your fingers wrap the 28ga wire onto the bigger wire. Just keep wrapping the wire, making sure to wrap with even tension to avoid lose or tight coils and/or spaces between the coils.

When you’re done wrapping you can simply pull the coiled wire and do tons of ideas with it.









Like I said, with coiled wires you can create lots of variations to a single jewelry design like these wire jewelries by Leroy Goertz


Exciting, isn’t? So many possibilities you can do with coiled wire ♥
Now, let’s watch this video tutorial by Karla Schaefer of Auntie’s Beads to explore more about coiling wire, coiling gizmo and coiled beads.




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