Wire Jewellery – How to make upside down heart earrings

There are so many ways to make the wire heart shape. As long as you know how to manipulate the wires you’ll be able to create your own version of a wire heart. It’s just amazing how one artisan’s way of manipulating the wire to form a heart is different from one another, but still, they create the same results – a beautiful wire heart shape.

Yesterday I just learned how to make the upside down heart and created a cutesy little red wire heart earrings

Cute isn’t it?
I used 20ga red coated copper wire and a metal barrel shape bead spacer. Usually other designs would require to wire wrap to keep the shape intact but you can also use beads.

Actually, I intend to use a metal bead to match the bead on my earring hooks, but the hole is too small for the 20ga wire to pass through. Good thing I have these metals spacers; they come in handy at times 🙂

I learned how to create the upside down heart from Ross Barbera.
Ross is actually a paint artist who loves the natural beauty of landscape. He has made jewelry making an extension for his love for art and painting, and is sharing his skills by teaching jewelry making and painting courses.

Part 1 – Video: How to Make Wire Earrings, “Upside Down Heart”
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♥ Get a good grip on your flat nose pliers when you’re starting to create the coil and rotating the pliers to form the heart because the wires tend to slide off.
♥ Do not try to take off the pliers after making a 30 or 60 degrees turn and then grip the wire again. I did this once and I ruined my first try. I experienced that keeping the pliers gripped onto the wire as you rotate the pliers will help you make a continuous smooth rotating motion to make a perfect form of the heart’s corners.

Now, finish creating your upside down heart with this Part 2 -Video: How to Make Wire Earrings, “Upside Down Heart”

By the way, do you remember this heart?

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