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Today we’re going to teach you a basic wire jewelry lesson and that is how to make your own earring hoops. Learning how to make your own earring hoops gives you the option to choose your preferred size and make variations to it.
Step 1: Depending how big you would want your earring hoops to be, cut 20 ga or 18 ga wire adding at least 0.5 inch for the loop.

Step 2: Measuring 0.5 inch from the tip of the wire, with your round nose pliers, grip the tip and make a turn to create a loop.

Step 3: Use a round object, a spool or mandrel and shape the wire like shown in this picture.

Step 4: Using the tip of your flat nose pliers, bend the tip of the wire and cut off excess wire.

Step 5: You can slide in a bead and insert the tip of the wire back to the loop. You’re done!

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Another way to create earring hoops with a bail is to simply take a round object and wrap the wire like shown in this picture. In this tutorial, we used the end of the nose pliers. You can also use a mandrel, a lipstick case or a big chunky pen.

After wrapping and creating a perfect circle, make a loop on one end of the wire to serve as your bail and wrap the excess wire. You now have your earring frame.

Now, I know you’re thinking these are just simple tutorials, but choose your earring hoops and get ready with a pair because you’re going to use this on a special project that we’re going to create next week!



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