Featured Tutorial: How to make clasps

There are lots of clasps available at the market, but creating our own clasps, beaded or wired we can create a unique handmade jewelry piece with a personal touch. We’ve featured yesterday and gave away a free tutorial on Beaded Clasp, why not explore more on the different designs and ways to create a clasp.

Similar to the beaded clasp we featured yesterday, here is a Toggle Clasp designed by Armored Drake

This toggle claps looks to me a very sturdy clasp, made of 20ga wire ring designed with wire wrapping technique.

Another wire work technique of creating a clasp is the Simple Hook and Eye Clasp

The clasp is created using simple wire manipulation and looping techniques that even beginners can follow.

This clasp is a familiar one…the Loop Hook and Eye Clasp

Similar to the hook and eye clasp this type of clasp is also created using wire manipulation and looping techniques but a few wire wrapping is used.

If you’re into beadweaving you can also beadweave your own clasp like this Bead Weave Toggle Clasp

This beaded clasp is created with a combination of brick stitch for the ring and peyote for the “T” lock.

Now you’ve got designs of clasps to choose from. Pick one you prefer that fits your handmade jewelry piece.

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