Beading Tutorial: Elegant Party Beaded Bracelet & Ring

I like jewelry making tutorials that will make up a jewelry set. Yeah, I think it’s inexpensive, less work and less pattern or tutorial to learn but a lot can be made. Like this beading tutorial from XQDesigns.

Yup! This tutorial will teach you how to create a bracelet and then turn it into a ring 🙂

Though suitable for intermediate students, with the detailed step by step guide a beginner will also be able to follow through. A really fun project to make that you can mix and match with different colors to come up with many beautiful creations yourself.

The design is consists of bicone crystals and seed beads which are then weaved into flower motif and maybe to some, it’s a snowflake. These flower or snowflake looking weave is then connected by seed beads and I can imagine, weaving just one flower or snowflake and creating a bail using the seed beads you can also turn it into an earring. Don’t you agree?

YES, BELIEVE ME! IT’S POSSIBLE TO TURN THIS INTO EARRINGS! Or better yet, explore the tutorial yourself with this LINK!

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