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I woke up this morning and guess what? I have 2 bling bling rings on my fingers!

I have not even eaten my breakfast. When I woke up I just felt the urge to make a bling bling ring. I turned on my laptop, watch Auntie’s Beads jewelry making video for inspiration and within 30 minutes I made ♥♥♥ 2 bling bling rings ♥♥♥ that will make my whole day happy.

I called this ring “Ebony & Ivory.” I have 2 of this gemstone but with only two, I couldn’t make a design out it so I just kept it.

The original design from Auntie’s Beads used faceted brown gemstone and gold copper wires. I had my gem in cream and used black coated copper wire. I decided to have the wire going into a slight curve at the top. You won’t notice it much with the pictures but there’s a cut at the corners of the gem, making it hard to keep the wire straight like of the original design.


The second ring I’d like to call “Cocktail Bling Ring” because the color pink reminds me of a cocktail drink LOL. This one looks playful and funky and I think little fashionistas would love it.

The cube gemstone (I’m not sure what it’s called) has rhinestones at its four sides. I think the design I chose for this gem fits. There’s a spiral at the top and the wires going to the sides, making the rhinestones noticeable. (I hope you agree LOL)


My experience making this ring, it’s a bit hard to create the spiral at the top. You need to have a strong grip on the gem or bead while turning the wires to create the spiral. I used 20 ga wire and it hurt a bit on the fingers. But hey, no pain, no gain! 🙂 If you’re not that confident working with wires you can work on a softer gauge.

Finally, I can eat my breakfast! Ciao ♥♥♥

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