FREE How to make wire jewelry Part 1

Do you want to make earrings using only one simple wire work technique? Well, let’s learn the trick with this wire jewelry tutorial from XQDesigns. What’s nice about this earring is that you can make a pair of earrings with only 2 materials and one wire work technique; copper wire, beads and a perfect coiling technique. It’s a fashionable earring that you can wear on any occasion. Plus, this earring doesn’t need any extra ear stud or ear wires.

For Part 1, you will learn and master a simple way how to create a perfect coil.
Materials and tools:
1 x 10 inches 1mm (18 ga) copper wire
3 x 30 inches 0.3mm (28 ga) copper wire
1 x 35 inches 0.3mm (28 ga) copper wire
1 round bead
Round nose pliers
Wire cutter

Step 1: Cut 30 inches x 0.3mm (28 ga) copper wire.

Step 2: Using your thumb and point finger, start wrapping your 0.3mm (28 ga) onto a 1mm (18 ga) of uncut or from the spool copper wire.

Keep wrapping until you’ve wrapped the whole 30 inches 0.3mm (28 ga) end to end.

Step 3: After wrapping, pull the wrapped wire from the 0.8mm (20 ga) copper wire. You now have created a coiled copper wire. Repeat Step 1 and 2 to make at least 3 coiled wires. Set aside.

Step 4: Then we’ll start to prepare the center of the earring. Cut 10 inches x 1mm (18 ga) copper wire.

Step 5: With your round nose pliers, grab the tip if the wire and create a loop by turning the round nose pliers towards you. Adjust or bend the wire a little bit to create a loop at one end of the wire.

Step 6: Side in a bead onto your 1mm (18 ga) copper wire. Set aside.

Practice the coiling technique with your bare hands to make sure the wire is wrapped with even tension to avoid lose or tight coils and/or spaces between the coils. You can use a tool called the Coiling Gizmo, but if you don’t have any, this tutorial we shared to you is the way to coil the wire.

We’ll stop here and continue to finish the earrings on our next post. For now, since Twin Beads are becoming a popular thing, let’s watch this video tutorial How to Bead Weave a Twin Bead Bracelet Using a Circular Stitch by Beadaholique.
Or would you like to learn and create this beautiful wire wrap necklace by YrDesign? Watch the video here.

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