FREE How to make a Bezeled Gemstone Pendant Tutorial

Hello everyone! We’re going to start again another week of jewelry making, great deals, giveaways and news. For starters, take a look at these beautiful beaded anklets…

Dagger Anklet

Oohh…cute and kinky! These beaded anklets are made by Debra of Designs by ZaneyMay Beading Patterns, Jewelry and Ornaments.

Summer vacation will soon be starting and these anklets will be great to wear while having fun at the beach or even when you’re just at the mall, strolling with friends. I’m not a fashion guru but these anklets is something to match your sexy jeans, shorts and miniskirts.

Visit ZaneyMay shop and learn how to create beaded anklets.

Wild Thing Slave Anklet

There are also designs that you can use as anklet and bracelet as well.
By the Sea Bracelet/Anklet

Now, here’s our FREE TUTORIAL for the week, Bezeled Gemstone Pendant Jewelry Making Tutorial.

Have you been keeping those gemstones or semi-precious stones with irregular shape? With this tutorial you’ll find tips and tricks how to use them and turn them into pendants, and learn how to bezel gemstones without soldering. Playing with irregular shape gemstones are fun and it gives you more ways to create different variations just by learning the basics with this tutorial.

Gemstone of irregular/random shape
Copper wire (14 ga & 28 ga)
Eye pins
Head pins
Jump rings

Step 1: Cut 3 pieces 20 cm x 2mm (14 ga) wire. Use the 0.5 mm (28 ga) wire to wrap these 3 pieces together about 8 rounds.

Step 2: Slide in one jump ring to the wire & wrap again through the ring about 6 rounds. Continue wrapping around the 3 wire pieces after attaching the ring. Cut excess wire with wire cutter.

Step 3: Now, lay your gemstone and try to bezel, following the gemstone’s shape. Separate the outer wires and bed them going to the middle of the gemstone, creating a circle or big loop at the center. Continue bending the outer wires following the shape of the gemstone, until the wires meet on one side of the gemstone.

Step 4: Take away the gemstone for awhile. Use the 0.5 mm (28 ga) wire to wrap the part of the wire where they meet. Create a loop at the end of the wire with your round nose pliers.

Step 5: Cross the outer wires and try to separate them. Again, use the 0.5 mm (28 ga) wire to wrap the wires together. Settle the gemstone and press the front & back wire groups to hold the gemstone well.

Step 6: Now, play with the wires and shape them using your round and/or flat nose pliers to hold the gemstone. In this tutorial, we created a bow-like shape with the back wire group going to the front of the gemstone to brace it.

Step 7: Flip the gemstone and do the same for the other side.

Now you have your gemstone pendant snuggly fitted and bezeled without soldering. Excited to turn it into a necklace? DOWNLOAD THE FREE PDF version with this LINK!

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