How to Chain Maille Jewelry Making Tutorial

How do you name your jewelry pieces?

Sometimes when we create jewelries we have the design on our minds but can’t find a good name for it. The same with what happened with our Sun-Burst Bangle Wire Jewelry Making Tutorial, we had a short contest of naming this piece and voila! It’s now called Easter Basket Chain Maille Necklace!

The design isn’t complicated but we really had a hard time choosing the right name for it. Because of the rose bead attached at the middle of the pendant, Rose of my Heart and Roses and Chains from Dora Muller Harrison and Denise Gray, respectively were included in our shortlist. And because of the colorful wooden seed beads surrounding the pendant, we were kind of drawn to the name Rainbow Rose by Avv Ghirotti. Then we realized it actually looks like a strawberry and so we thought Strawberry Delight would be a cute name from Deb.

Many have suggested a name with the words, rose, chain and rainbow. Susan Puckett was one of the last who submitted the name and we thought, hey, this one’s different. We never asked how she came up with the name, but we’re very thankful because she gave the piece a unique name.

Creating Easter Basket Chain Maille Necklace you will need 60+ x 1cm dia and 45 x 0.8cm dia jump rings, 20 pieces wooded beads and 1 flower bead. You can choose to use glass beads and other types of beads for your focal piece. Creating the necklace takes only a few hours to finish and even beginners can definitely make it. We have already included this tutorial in our DIY Beading Club Membership Package for the First Month Lesson Plan, along with 9 jewelry making tutorials for chain maille, beading, wire work and crochet jewelries. If you’re interested to join the club learn more about the package HERE.

Oh, there’s a bonus for this piece. You can also use it as earrings!

If you can’t wait to make the Easter Basket Chain Maille Necklace CLICK HERE!

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