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Last week I’ve shared in this article that I was searching the mall for some hair accessories. I was not able to buy some due to my penny-pinching (LOL) but it turned it to be good because I was able to find a much better way to have hair accessories and found these two tutorials for hairpins and a headband. I almost forgot that Reem, one of our team designers was making her own version of a headband.

Reem used a metal frame headband and looking at it, you would think that she glued the beads onto the headband. Well, that’s what I commonly see on many beaded headbands sold at hair accessory stores, but not this headband. Reem has wire wrapped the metal frame headband with beads and embellished it with a golden ribbon with dangling charms.

Now, let’s make this exciting. Let’s try and re-create this headband by Reem and prepare the following materials and tools:
Metal frame headband
Golden wire “Ø about 0.5 mm”
White pearls “Ø about 0.6 cm.”
Small white beads
Golden ribbon “about 50 cm.”
1 Jump ring “Ø about 0.6 cm”
Silver spacers
Thin silver Chain
Small golden pendant
Round nose pliers
Flat nose pliers
Transparent thread

Wrap the golden wire onto the headband tightly about 4 rounds. Use the flat nose pliers to press on the wrapped wire.

Slide in a pearl in the 5th round and then make again 4 wire rounds over the Headband.

Repeat the steps until you have about 12 pearls like shown in this picture.

Leave a space about 3 cm then start wrapping again onto the headband until you reach the end. In this tutorial, we’ve used about “32 pearls.”

On your head pins, slide in 1 metal spacer, 1 pearl & 1 small bead then make up a loop at the end of the head pin with the round nose pliers. Make 3 sets.

Cut about 4 cm of the thin chain & Attach the pined pearl with spacer at one end of the chain.

So, we have the metal frame headband wire wrapped with beads ready to be embellished. How do you think the pinned pearls and the chains were attached onto the headband? Let’s find that out on the PDF copy available for FREE download! We also prepared a video tutorial that you can watch while drinking a cup of tea. Ciao!

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