Featured Design: FREE Origami Stars Earrings Tutorial

Step Thru Crazy
I had lots of these paper stars before when we still had our craft store but I can’t remember now what they were called. The supplier was from Japan and we had the strips of paper in different colors and textures. Some are glossy with prints and some are just plain. The glossy ones are more expensive but the plain strips are just as beautiful as the glossy strips. The supplier whom later on became our friend taught us how to fold the strips of paper to form a star and we then teach our teenage clients and they loved it so much.

by Maca37

We showcased the stars inside small bottles with tags of sweet and loving messages that can be given as a gift. They’re very saleable to men who love showing affection to their partners.

Paper Reverie

We also had lots of stars inside a big bottle just for display. They’re very colorful, fun to look at and attractive. One of the staff even created a curtain of star similar to beads that’s stringed and hanged like a curtain. We hung it on the window display.

There’s numerous ways what you can do with the paper stars but I never thought of using it the way Sarah of Step Thru Crazy used her paper stars. I was also creating handmade jewelries when we were selling paper stars but it never came to mind to use it and create earrings.

Very clever Sarah! I love your jewelry making idea how to use the paper stars. The truth is, after this post, I’ll be going over our old stocks inside their boxes which I have kept and look for the strips if I still have some left LOL!

But for our dear Handmade Jewelry Club readers, find out on Sarah’s tutorial how she did her Origami Stars Earrings!

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