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Hello everyone! Yesterday we have received comments about problems on downloading tutorials over at DIY Well, I’m happy to let everyone know that the problem is fixed. Say thank you to our IT Developer for fixing the problem last night and so now, DIY is back on track! There were some changes on purchasing and downloading free tutorials so I created this tutorial how to download FREE tutorials from DIY

For the first step there are 2 options; 1 is for single download and 2 is for multiple downloads.

For single download, you can click the BUY OUT button next to the ad shown here in red arrow. For multiple downloads, click on the ad title shown here in blue arrow to bring you to the next page.

This will be the next page after clicking the blue arrow. As you can see there’s the ADD CART button where you can all the tutorial you want to make in single download or purchase.

After clicking BUY OUT the page will bring you to your SHOPPING CART. In your shopping cart, click on the CHECK OUT shown here in red arrow as if you’re actually making a purchase.

A pop-up box will appear, asking, “Are you sure you want to check out?” Click OK.

Clicking OK button will bring you to the next page. To finish the process, look for the blue button “CLICK HERE TO PROCEED.” shown here in red arrow.

Now, you’re done with the Check Out process.

From this point on, if you did not receive email with the download link for your tutorial follow these steps to in order to download the PDF copy.

To download the tutorial, go to the MEMBERS AREA. Look for BUYING and then click PURCHASED STORE ITEMS.

You will then be brought again to your SHOPPING CART. On the SHOPPING CART, look for FILTER TRANSACTIONS shown here in red arrow. Click the dropdown arrow and choose PAID. Choosing PAID the page will refresh and then a list of your transactions will be shown by the blue arrow. Choose which invoice/tutorial you have purchased. Click it and the tutorial/ad title will appear shown in violet arrow. Then by the green arrow, you will see that the DOWNLOAD MEDIA button has been activated and you’ll be able to download the tutorial. From the MEMBERS AREA-BUYING-PURCHASED STORE ITEMS all your transactions will be available, which includes paid tutorials you have purchased and all free tutorials you’ve availed. You can download them anytime you want.

Now, why don’t you try it and download the FREE tutorial for the Multi-row Bracelet we have featured the other day.

Let me know by leaving a feedback on this article or at DIY how you like the new procedures.

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