DIY Beading Club Third Monthly Lesson Plan

Here’s our update on our DIY Beading Club Membership Package.

We create our tutorials and review them to ensure all details and steps are correct. In our membership package tutorials include beading, chain maille, wire work and crochet jewelries. We plan our monthly lessons carefully so you’ll get to experience creating jewelries will all techniques. On our Third Monthly Lesson Plan, here’s what you can enjoy.


1. Loop De Loop Ring
This is a tutorial authored by Grace Zarfati and compiled by XQDesigns. The design is what Maryam called Loop de Loop Ring. Different from other Rosetta ring, she made loops to make a band before making the rosette. She thought it wasn’t easy but with more practice she managed to do it. Follow the tutorial to make this ring for yourself too. The tutorial is suitable for students from beginner to intermediate level. The tutorial comes with detailed and clear step by step guides and pictures. Though it is designed for intermediate student, a beginner should be able to pick it up as well.

2. Jewel In A Basket (Caged Earrings)
Ever wonder how to get the bead inside a little wire basket? Seem impossible? Well, this lesson shows the tricks to place a bead within the cage. But mastering the skill, you can use it to form a earring, necklace or bracelet. This tutorial requires simple materials such as soft wire, ear wires and round beads. The tutorial contains 9 pages with 18 step by step guides. It is very easy to follow. It is suitable for beginners to intermediate level of students.


3. Beaded Bag Beading Tutorial
This is a not a bracelet, necklace but a simple and glamorous accessories. It requires only basic supplies such as jump rings and beads. You can use other colors beads as wished. It can be used as an accessory to hang on to your handbag to make it a unique piece. The tutorial comes with pictorial step by step guides. The tutorial is written by Hooi Meng and reviewed and edited by XQDesigns.

4. Elegant Pearl White Bridal Necklace
This is a tutorial based on the Elegant Pearl White Bridal Bracelet. XQDesigns has created a necklace to go with the bracelet and has now published the tutorial. Created by bead weaving Swarovski pearls and Japanese seed beads, anyone can now wear this set and look elegant at parties, events and it can be even worn on weddings. With easy to follow pictorial step by step guide, surely any girl would love to wear one on her wedding day.


5. Peacock Chain Earrings
Here’s a very simple and beginner tutorial for earrings. With colorful flat beads, dangling from little jump rings, we’ve named it Peacock Chain Earrings. In this tutorial by XQ Designs, you will learn the proper way how to open and close jump rings, and also learn how to attach or connect jump rings. Once you’ve learned the basics of opening and closing jump rings, you can use this technique in creating numerous chain or Chainmaille and different designs of jewelries.

We hope you’re excited on having these tutorials. There’ll be more fun, NEW and exciting jewelry making tutorials to come so visit DIY Beading Club Membership Package how to join the club. If you want to check out what’s included on our Monthly Lesson Plans you can check them here – First Monthly Lesson Plan and Second Monthly Lesson Plan.

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