Chain Maille Jewelry – Beginner: How to make Choo Choo Train Earrings

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In the meantime, let’s continue with our Wire Jewelry – Beginner Lessons Series. To refresh us up with regards to our previous Wire Jewelry – Beginner Lessons we have featured Making and uses of eye pins, How to construct earrings using head pins and tackled about Jump Rings. At anytime, you could go back to these articles and learn jewelry making ideas with the tutorials featured. We are trying to create a series of Jewelry Lessons wherein you could incorporate each lesson we will feature and create a new piece. This way, you’ll learn step by step how to make jewelry through basic steps or lessons. In time, you’ll get used to the techniques and soon, you can create beautiful and unique jewelry projects.
This next Jewelry – Beginner Lesson is a continuation of the Jump Rings tutorial which uses chain maille technique that you can add to your jewelry making ideas list. Since you now know how to make jump rings, and learned the proper way of opening and closing you can now use what you’ve learned, and try a simple piece where it involves the use of jump rings.

This is a simple chain maille based on variation from the European 1 in 4 technique. You can create bracelets and earrings from learning this technique. You can mix and match using different materials and colors of jump rings, as well as beads to come up with many beautiful variations.
Now, prepare 10mm and 6mm jump rings, your prefered color of beads, ear wires and flat nose pliers and get ready to create your Choo Choo Train Earrings!

I know you’re having fun with the tutorial how to create a Choo Choo Train Earrings. You can create several sets of these and instead of turning it into earrings, you can link them and create a bracelet. And if you’re still having fun, go ahead and maybe you could turn it into a necklace!
I hope you had fun with another jewelry making idea using jump rings with our Chain Maille Jewelry – Beginner Lessons Series. Ciao! Download lots of free jewelry making tutorials at DiyLessons! Are you a jewelry (jewellery) making teacher/ tutor? You can also list your tutorials here too. Join as our subscriber and redeem a free copy of the tutorials!Bookmark and Share

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