Cellini Spiral Stitch Tutorial

Hi guys! It’s Monday again and I hope everyone is looking forward to having a good day. We’re going to start again our week with jewelry lessons and techniques and it’s going to be the Cellini Spiral stitch.

A Cellini Spiral stitch is similar to a tubular peyote stitch, which is a variation of the Peyote stitch. (You can read more about Peyote stitch here)


Cellini Spiral stitch uses the Even Count Peyote stitch but the different size of beads used is what makes it into a spiral shape.

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Unlike the tubular peyote stitch, if you would notice the spirals are the bigger size beads and the effect is that this portion is raised as they go clockwise or counter-clockwise in spiral direction. In designing your piece, this part is mostly where you could put a splash of color to add beauty to your jewelry.


Before we start the lesson, just like in Peyote stitching or any other beadweaving techniques, you need the right tools to start your Cellini Spiral stitching lessons such as needles, threads and pliers.

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Now, let’s get started and learn Cellini Spiral stitching.

You can also learn to weave the Flat Cellini Spiral stitch from

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