How to measure beads

Some of us are having problems and confusing moments how to determine the size of beads and since a lot have been asking for the link, we have decided to share the video on how to use a brass caliper for measuring beads.




In case you don’t have a caliper, here are some steps on how to measure beads using your ruler and a string or thread.


  1. String in 10 beads, making sure that the beads are tightly stringed or packed together.
  2. Using your ruler, lay the beads flat on the centimeter side and start measuring from zero.
  3. Then divide whatever measurement you would get by 10 and the answer would be the size of the beads. For example, you have 15mm of 10 beads, 15mm / 10 is equal to 1.5mm which is the size of the beads.



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    1. Hello I downloaded your book via Kindle the miutne I saw you on the Drs. I had to know more. I loved it! I loved your book, the idea, the method, etc! Since I finished the book, I have been thinking about the beads, being a fellow beader, wanting to share beading, etc. I am planning my beading to start soon it is in the works Even just making the plans for the beading to begin is making me excited. I have zero secrets from my husband so brewing this new realm has been exciting. We have been together since we were in our early 20 s. We have been married for 13 yrs, but together for almost 20yrs. We have two young boys now, and as any couple knows, 2 young boys is a lot of work. We love each other, we adore each other, we love our children and our family . but yes life takes over. I completely understand your book. While reading your book it was like having a fantastic girlfriend I was talking to and completely related 100%. I am so excited about starting our beading asap. And I am most excited about my husband and how much he is going to LOVE this! I am going to LOVE this too b/c I do need advance knowledge of his needs/wants and I will prepare my mind and time for him!!! Thank you


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