Some of us are having problems and confusing moments how to determine the size of beads and since a lot have been asking for the link, we have decided to share the video on how to use a brass caliper for measuring beads.




In case you don’t have a caliper, here are some steps on how to measure beads using your ruler and a string or thread.

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads


  1. String in 10 beads, making sure that the beads are tightly stringed or packed together.
  2. Using your ruler, lay the beads flat on the centimeter side and start measuring from zero.
  3. Then divide whatever measurement you would get by 10 and the answer would be the size of the beads. For example, you have 15mm of 10 beads, 15mm / 10 is equal to 1.5mm which is the size of the beads.



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