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How to make jump rings

These are jump rings. In jewelry making they are used for linking, especially, in making chainmaille jewelries. Before I buy them in packs and over time, sometimes the jump rings changes its color. I buy packs in different sizes that sometimes I don’t have to use that much and then the rest becomes wasted or I don’t have a use for them because I couldn’t think of any design that requires its size. Though I don’t throw them and I can clean them but God knows how long I would just have to keep them in stock. The ending, they just pile up.

But now, I don’t have to stock packs of jump rings because there’s a way to make jump rings and I can make the number of jump rings that I only need in making a jewelry piece. I can even customize the size.

The sizes of wire in making jump rings are gauges 14, 16, 18 and 20 – the smaller the number the thicker the wire so the bigger size or number is more pliable. Commonly, the ideal wire gauge in making jump rings are 18 and 20 gauge. To make it into different sizes, you can use any rounded object, big or small, depending on what size of jump ring your jewelry design requires. If you have a mandrel you can also use it.

Now let’s start making the jump rings by following XQDesigns’ tips.

Take a mandrel that is measuring about 0.8cm in diameter. In this case, I am using the pliers’ holder as shown in the picture.

Cut approximately 20cm of 18 gauge wire and attached it onto the mandrel and bend one end upward.

Rotate your wrapping hand towards your body to wrap the wires around the mandrel. Repeat to make the subsequent circles until you reach the end of the wires. You may leave approximately 1.5cm of wires unwrapped.

Now you have your 18 gauge wire coiled onto the mandrel or in this case, the pliers’ holder. The next step is to remove the coils from the mandrel and cut each coil.

To finish this jewelry making tip, follow these tips and you’ll have your own handmade jump rings.

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