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Bead Basic: How to use Callotte (Bead Tip/Clam Shell)

Even though you consider handcrafting jewelries is just a hobby, having that clean and neat finish in our handcrafted jewelries is very important, especially if you’re trying to sell them. You don’t need any expensive tools to achieve that neat finish on your jewelries, but just take note on some important points, like, cutting the wires properly and make sure there are no sharp edges that could scratch our skin. If you’re using strings tie the knots, not too tight or too loose but just enough to make sure that the knot won’t loose hold and untie itself. This happened to my bracelet once and it was a disaster. I was at a mall and all the crystals just fell off the string and rolled on the floor. I had to pick them up one by one and it was embarrassing. Now, every time I tie knots for my pieces I put a dab of glue on the knot to strengthen it.

Another important thing is to hide the ends. Now, I think this is really important. When I was just learning jewelry making and wearing my first creations, often times I would check the strings or the wire ends making sure that they’re not showing off or dangling like a charm. My first clients back then would come back to me and tell me to fix the ends because they’re showing off. Then I learned to use those magical crimp beads. They were a big help, but sometimes the crimp beads can scratch the skin.

But here’s a tiny finding that can help you create that professional look and neatly hide all knots and crimp beads.

Palmer Metals

This is a Callotte or a Clam Shell. More often it’s also called a Bead Tip and it is used to hide the knots and crimp beads. Again, this is not an expensive tool but it helps a lot to achieve that professional look on our handcrafted jewelries.

Let’s watch this short video with

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