How To Make Use of Flower Accent on Jewelry

Flowers are beautiful, aren’t they? For us girls, it makes us more feminine and to me it symbolizes sweetness. I used to have a small garden of flowers in pots. I have roses and Malaysian mumps, but because of the tropical weather here in the Philippines I wasn’t successful growing them.

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Flowers are also often used as embellishments for clothing or in prints, especially as design for stationeries. It also adds beauty when you have a vase with flowers in your living room and dining table. I don’t know what flowers have but it adds something, that’s quite unexplainable. Don’t you agree?

So, today I’m going to show you jewelry designs that use flowers and I think it’s becoming a trend in jewelry making nowadays. These are 3 different ideas on how to add a flower to your jewelry pieces.

Pearl Flower Necklace

I love this design because it looks very refined, I think, very delicately looking because of the chiffon flower texture. The pearls also add elegance. This piece can be worn even in formal occasions.

Amy Cornwell is the designer of Pearl Flower Necklace. Amy handcrafts all her designs in her studio using sterling silver, gold-filled, gemstones, freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals, which are all fine materials.

Amy loves all things creative and I bet her wonderful marriage adds to her creativity.

If you want to make a Pearl Flower Necklace, here’s a free tutorial from Amy herself.

The next piece is a Fabric Rosette Bib Necklace from My Lips Will Glorify You blog site.

Heather, a wife and a mother has made this necklace making use of fabric roses as the main design of the necklace. What’s interesting about this is everything is made from fabric, except for the pearls embellished on the rosettes to add accents. And to put all the pieces together all you need is a mod podge.

To learn more about how to make the Fabric Rosette Bib Necklace, visit My Lips Will Glorify You for the free tutorial.

And finally, this is a piece made by 4 beautiful and sweet sisters, the Chocolate Flower Necklace.

Instead of using fabric and pearls, Selina, Sophie, Olivia and Elsie made use of leather to create the flowers. The shiny effect of the leather added a different texture and no need to put additional accents on. I think it has that funky and dainty look at the same time. Like what Filipinos say, “simple pero rock,” and meaning; simple, but it rocks!

Go girls!!!

I bet you want to try and make one for yourself right now! So, here’s the free tutorial from,The Sister 4 say… more is more.

Here’s one more free tutorial for a Bib Necklace using roses for accents.

Tree of Life Pendant Tutorial

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