How To Make Spoon Pendants

Hello again Handmade Jewelry Club readers! Two weeks ago we featured fork bracelets and if there’s a fork there should be a spoon. So I decided to find a good tutorial for a spoon jewelry and voila! Found this unique design for spoon pendants.

Meet Lynn Stevens of TRASH TO TREASURE ART blog, a wife for 30 years who loves art second to her husband and son. She’s also hosted spoon making projects and I can say, she’s an expert in this craft.

Unique art, aren’t they?

Here’s also a picture of the stamp club that Lynn has hosted during a spoon making project.

The girls did great!

Similar to making fork bracelets, spoon pendants also uses heating process and for safety purposes, Lynn is reminding everyone to, first of all, work in an area that’s safe and away from children. The process uses torch so let’s keep our hands safe, use pliers in holding the spoon to keep our hands away from the flame. It is also advisable to wear safety glasses because the process involves cutting metals, in this case, the spoon handle.

I know you’re all eager to start so here’s Lynn Steven’s free tutorial for a spoon pendant.

Award Winning Design from Venus in Chains

Diamond Meadows Bracelet

This is a design that won first place in the Fire Mountain Gem 2009 Design Contest

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    1. Very pretty ! Talking about you on my blog. Thank you for the early Feature.


    2. Thanks so much for featuring my tutorial, I hope everyone gives it a try. The results are well worth it!


    3. Hi Frency and Lynn! We’re grateful featuring your tutorials. If you have any new ideas just send a message and if you like, we’ll be happy to feature them too. “,)


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