How To Make Fork Bracelets

Have you ever worn your cutleries and turned them into jewelries? I haven’t, but will be wearing one soon because I got inspired by Mary Andrews of Contrary Garden with her unique fork bracelets.

It’s interesting how Mary came up with this idea and the process of making a fork bracelet.

Fork, as we all know is made of metal and it’s much, much tougher to bend or twist than metals used in jewelry making, and so, Mary used the process of annealing. I’m not a metalsmith and not familiar with the word so I had to look it up on Wikipedia and learned that it’s a heat treatment wherein a material is altered, causing changes in its properties such as strength and hardness. With annealing, it literally softens the material and in this case, the fork and that’s how she was able to bend the fork.

But it’s not just heating the material; there are also other processes Mary Andrews used to make the perfect fork bracelet.

If you want to learn more about the process, here’s a free tutorial from Contrary Garden.

Here’s another free video tutorial on metal work techniques from Andrew Berry of Online Jewellry Training.

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    1. Absolutely love Mary’s fork bracelets – how innovative and fun!


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