String a Gift: A Labor of Love in Just Minutes!

There are several techniques in making a jewelry; wire work, which uses wire manipulation techniques like wire wrapping; beadweaving, using either threads or wire. This is probably the most popular technique and what most people use in making jewelry. There is also crocheting. Not the commonly used technique but is a very unique jewelry making idea. One of the most exciting techniques for me and fun to do is using clay. There is also a technique called metal work which usually involves soldering metals and the most difficult one for me is lampworking. There are a lot of jewelry making ideas, but in my experience, the easiest technique is by stringing.

Acrylic Bead Bracelet Antique Style

Photo courtesy of fashionjewellryforyou

Stringing is a technique and jewelry making idea that is suited for beginners. It does not need a lot of tools but just a string and your sets of beads. There are, though, different types of strings we can use in jewelry making like cords, nylons or nylon coated stainless strings and different styles of knotting, but what I am going to share is a making an elastic bracelet, which is the easiest one for me. And this coming Christmas I will be making gifts for my girl friends, sister, mother, nieces, girl cousins and aunts using this technique. I have already finished one piece in less than 2 minutes and in just 2 steps; string and knot but I did not just string and knot. Since it is for Christmas I wanted to make a special gift that would complement the recipient’s personality so I decided to use birthstones instead of just using beads of my choice.

And here is my gift for my sister!

This is an elastic bracelet that I made for my sister. Her birthday is April and her birthstone is sapphire so I stringed beads and gems in shades of blue. Very simple jewelry making idea indeed but I know this kind of gift will fit her personality. To make it more presentable I can put in a box or in jewelry pouches.

You can watch this free video on the basics of stringing from Andrea of Beadaholique.

Here are some variations of Elastic Bracelets
from Karla Schafer of Auntie’s Beads.

Thinking of what kind of gifts to give this Christmas to our love ones and friends is sometimes stressing to the mind, not to mention, costly sometimes. And we also tend to give the same gifts every year, so, for all crafters out there and not just crafters but everyone who wants to give something special this Christmas, this could be a good idea on what to give your love ones and friends. Wrap something, topped with labor of love. String beads; create jewelry in just minutes.

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    1. This is so pretty. I would love to make these elastic bracelets, looks so beautiful and cute for gifting.


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