Let’s Make Jewelries with This and "Tat"

Hello again crafters! Once again, your crafty friend, Isabel, is back to share an interesting technique in jewelry making, Tatting. Now, I said interesting and I really mean it because unlike crochet, Tatting is not a popular kind of needlecraft here in the Philippines, especially with the new generations that even I don’t know how to tat.

I know how to crochet, though just the basics. Ladies from my maternal side knows how to crochet and other kinds of needlecraft. My mom lived in Arizona for 3 years in the 70s and she knows how to tat. I saw her once, tatting, but I wasn’t really interested learning it. But upon going “window web shopping” and saw this gorgeous looking piece of jewelry made from tatting, I began searching the pile of threads that we still have from our craft store.

And with utmost interest, I am excited to learn and try out
jewelry making using tatting techniques with…

My Inspiration from Yarnplayer

See how gorgeous it is?

This beautiful piece is called “Carnival” earrings.

Yarnplayer website is offering a free tutorial.

For the materials, prepare a size 20 rainbow colored crochet cotton, 52 seed beads (size 10 or 11), 2 6mm round beads, 2 teardrop beads, a tatting shuttle, fine crochet hook and earring findings.


is a fantastic creator of jewelries from yarn, string, thread or fiber.

You can also visit her Etsy Shop for more beautiful creations.

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    2 Comments On “Let’s Make Jewelries with This and "Tat"”

    1. Seriously a beautiful piece! Like a heritage piece. Thank you for sharing with us.


    2. Thanks for doing a post on tatting. I’ve been a tatter for about 9 years now and love it. Wish more people knew about it.


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