The Right Tools for Peyote Stitching

This article will show you more info about tools needed for Peyote stitching….

Peyote stitching requires patience, time, and the right tools. Getting the perfect tools for the project can save you a lot of effort and frustration. Knowing the right way to use the tools and materials to perfect the craft is the ultimate goal.

Getting the right sized needle for your beads is vital. Make sure to the smallest needles possible if you will be working with multiple sizes. Do not be concerned about how short these needles are.

You work with only one tiny bead at a time in this method and having space on the needle will not be a problem. Once you have picked out the right needles, it is very important to get the right thread for the project.

There is thread that is sleek and fine, specifically made for beading.

Getting things like a small tin or plastic case, bees wax, a small piece of leather or rubber, and some needle nose pliers will also make the job easy and stress free.

This article is contributed by our guest writer – Jennifer. I hope you had enjoyed her sharing!

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    1. I tend to lean towards the needles with the big long slit as I’m a bit blind and as I stare at the beads I get even more so. If I tried to thread a small eyed needle, I’d never get anywhere.


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