How to Make Chinese Knot Jewelry: Pan Chang Knot

In the previous post: Chinese ornamental knot jewelry, I told you I will share with you tutorials I found from the web on applying Chinese knots in jewelry making. Here is the first lesson: Four Directions.

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The picture above shows knot that is called the Four Directions. It is a combination of four pan chang knots and button knots. This can be made into a beautiful necklace with different knot colours so as to jive with your dress or preferences. The Pan Chang Knot design symbolizes an unending life which could also mean giving someone a longer life. The Button Knot also has an unending pattern known to the Chinese people as a good luck charm. So you can never go wrong having this necklace because of the hip and lucky charm it has.
This is an example how a Pan Chang knot looks like:

(Picture courtesy of
You can learn how to make a Pan Chang Knot in detail by visiting this site:

(Picture courtesy of

Nimibirla also shared a video on making the Pan Chang knot. If you can’t video here, click on the link:,name,100323,item_id,0,ad_type,ad_details

Hope you have enjoyed reading the article. Watch out for the next post. I will compiling jewelry making tutorials on chinese knot. Cheers

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