How to make beaded clasp

As a continuation from my previous post on
How to make Egyptian Coil Bracelet (Free tutorial), I am going to show you how to make beaded clasp to complete the Egyptian coil bracelet. Of course, you can apply this to any other bracelet.

Cut 6 cm of 20ga copper wires. Make a circle of about 1.5cm in diameter using a mandrel.

Make a loop at one end of the wires.

String in some seed beads to fill up the circle.

Take the remaining side of the wires and wrap it around the folded loop.

Cut of excess wires. The loop portion of the clasp is complete.

Now take a 5cm 20ga wires. Make a loop at the middle of the wires by grasping the pliers slightly to the right of the centre with the round nose pliers.

With your left hand, guide the left side of the wires up and over the top of the round nose pliers. Continue to bring the other side of the wires up and over the top of the round nose pliers.

A loop is formed.

String in some seed beads until you fill up the wires. Leave about 0.6cm wires at the end.

Make a loop at the end of the wires.

String in seed beads at the side of the wires and make a loop at the end.

String in a jump ring onto the loop of the bar.

Now connect the bar and the bracelet by placing the jump ring onto the hook of the last link.

You are done with the beautiful Egyptian coil bracelet. Click here to download the tutorial in PDF file.

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