This design is adapted from the famous Egyptian coils. Based on the tutorial by Marie Cristine which can be found here. I made it and adapted it to come up with other variations. It is a fun and satisfying project! Here, I am going to share with you some process pictures of making this. All you need are just some copper wires to make it.

Materials Needed:
· 21 gauge (0.7mm) of copper wires
· 28 gauge (0.3mm) of copper wires

Tools Needed
· Wire Cutter
· Round nose pliers
· Chain-Nose pliersMeasurement tape/ ruler

Cut approximately 15cm of 21ga wires. Make a loop at each end of the wire

Use your pliers to slowly coil the wire at both ends

When you are done you should have a piece like this at each end.

The length between the first and second spirals should be around 5.5cm.

Then bend it in half by holding your pliers at the middle of the wires between the two spirals.

You should end up with this phallic looking link.

Hold your flat nose pliers at the middle of the link and bend it towards the back of the spirals.

This is one single link! Continue to make approximately 24 pieces of this.

Now let’s join the single links together. You may open up wires at the back of the link (let’s call it hook) slightly. Place the hook from the second link into the first link.

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads

Then continue to link up the rest until you get your desired length.

I will show you how to make beaded clasp for the bracelet tomorrow. So stay tune!

Click here to view How to make beaded clasp

Click here to download the tutorial in PDF file.

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