Free Pattern For Princess Bracelet

I shared about this beautiful design made of Swarovski crystals and seed beads yesterday.

Princess Bracelet

As promised, I have drafted out a diagram to show you how to make this bracelet.

Free Pattern Princess Bracelet

20gms) of Seed beads
96 x 4mm Swarovski crystals for a 7 inch long bracelet.

1. You need a nylon thread of approximately 1.5m long. Thread in needle at both ends of the threads.
2. The bracelet is formed by 3 lines. Start from the top left hand corner (refer ‘start here’ in the diagram) for the first line. First, thread in 3 crystal beads and let them drop to the centre of the thread. Then cross both ends of thread into 1 crystal beads.
3. Thread in 10 seed beads at both threads.
4. Cross both threads to 1 crystal beads. Followed by 2 crystal beads at both ends then cross them into 1 crystal bead. The process goes on until you almost reach your desired length of the bracelet.
5. You will end the bracelet with 4 crystal beads. Cross both threads to the bead at the right side in order for you to move on to second line of the bracelet.
6. Follow the diagram to complete line 2 & 3.
7. Make a knot at the end of third line and pass the threads back to the beads until you reach the other end to tighten the work.
8. Cut off excess threads.
9. You may use eye pins to connect the bracelet clasp.

The diagram should be easy for intermediate student to follow. For the beginners out there, you may be interested on pictorial step by step guide or ebook that detailed down every steps. I am in the midst of preparing that. So watch out for the release of the tutorial.

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