Free Form Wired Bangle Tutorial (Part 1)

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As promised, I will share with you the tutorial of making this wired bangle. I will split the tutorial into 3 parts. You may want to subscribe the blog post thru email so that you don’t miss any post.
This is an interesting wired jewelry project. It shows you pictorial step by step to twist the wires and come up with the wonderful wired bracelet.

I offer the tutorial in PDF that provide clearer intruction on the respective picture. If you are interested to buy the eBook at USD3, contact me at diyjewelryclub at gmail dot com.

To make this bangle, you only need simple materials as follow:
3 pieces of 48cm / 19 inch thick copper wires sized 1mm/ 18 ga.
Thin copper wires sized 0.4mm/ 26 ga.
5 round beads measuring 1.5cm in diameter.

Tools Needed
Round nose pliers
Flat nose pliersWire Cutter

Step 1:
Cut out 3 pieces of wires approximately 48cm/ 19 inch long.
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Step 2
Bend each wire to oval shape at the middle of the wire.

The bracelet is about 2.2cm wide. For the outer wire, you will need to leave the spacing between the top and bottom to be 2.2cm wide.

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Step 3

For the middle and inner wires, the spacing between the top and bottom wires is approximately 1.8cm and 1.5cm respectively.

Place the 3 wires side by side as shown in the picture.

We shall name the wires from 1 to 6 as shown in the picture. Throughout the tutorial, I will indicae the number of the wires as per sequence in this picture for easy reference.
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Step 4
Bend the inner wires upward at approximately 4cm (1.5inch) from the left side of the outer wires.

Cut approximately 6cm (2.5inch) of thin wires (26ga). At the area where the inner wires is bend, wrap the thick wires with the thin wire.

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Part 2 to be continued in next post!

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