Jewelry Making: How to make a hook for bracelet

This jewelry making lesson shows how to make a hook for use of a bracelet.

jewelry making


· 1mm copper wire

· Wire Cutter
· Flat nose pliers
· Round nose pliers
· Ruler

Cut a 20cm length of 1mm copper wire. Bend it to 90 degree at the centre of the wire by using a pliers that press the wires to the right.
jewelry making
Place the round nose pliers at the place where the curve of the loop begins. Bend the wire from the right (step 1) upward around the round nose to slowly form a loop.

jewelry making
Once the loop is formed, use your left hand to hold the wires and position it at 90 degree against the other wires.

jewelry making
Pull the wire and wrap it around the other wires.

jewelry making
Make approximately 3 wraps and cut off excess wires.

jewelry making
Place a flat nose pliers right after the wrap as shown in picture. Bend the wire slightly in preparation to form a curve.

jewelry making
Move your pliers up and use it to help shape the curve.

jewelry making
Bend the wire more at approximately 0.5 cm above the wrap (see arrow). Using the other hand, pull the edge of the wire around the round nose pliers to form a nice curve.

jewelry making

Place the round nose pliers approximately at 10mm from the curve and bend the wire upward.

jewelry making

Use the flat nose pliers to press the wires to help close the gap.

jewelry making
Leave about 3mm and cut off excess wires.
jewelry making

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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