Beading Tips and Tutorial Series

Learn to make jewelry with these jewelry making tutorials!


Elegant Party Beaded Bracelet and Ring Tutorial T28,name,101900,item_id,ad_details


Elegant Pearl White Bracelet Jewelry Making Tutorial T25

Bracelet Red

Bead A Bag Beading Tutorial PDF H1

Beaded Basket Ring



Beaded Cat Ring


Gorgeous Flower Shining At Night

Purple Blue Gorgeous Night Flower

Flower Pendant Of Gold Coloured Seed Beads and Swaroskvi Crystal



Elegant Gold Sparkling Beaded Necklace



Making bracelet using eye pins and jump ring (Free)
How to Stitch A Bracelet (Free)
Advanced Technique Making Flower Stitch (Free)

How to Make Beaded Jewelry : Using Crystal Beads for Making Beaded Jewelry (Free)
Jewelry Making Home-Study Courses Video on Demand Service
French Beading a Leaf Tutorial – Part 1
Karla Kam – African Helix Stitch

Beaded Earring Tutorial
Sparkling Beaded Earrings Tutorial
tutorial for bead weaving bracelet is

Tutorial: Bead Weaving A Bracelet

Make a Pendant Using Diagram
Sparkly flower cocktail ring tutorial By Wendy Sue
Sea Flower Ring Tutorial by unmakinggifts


Easy DIY Instructions for a Resin Photo Pendant By Maire Loughran
4 strand Braid Knots
Basic Bead Weaving Technique


Make a Pendant Using Diagram

Links to other Free Beading Tutorials
About Beadwork – this is a fantastic site for learning all the stitches and has some lovely patterns too – lots and lots of wonderful patterns for sale and some free ones as well
Ruby’s Beadwork – one of my favourite sites for free tutorials and inspiration!
Sandra D. Halpenny – some of the most beautiful lacey necklaces and some free tutorials
Robyn’s Bead Page – lots of great free tutorials for necklaces and bracelets
Enchanted Beads – lots of free necklace and bracelet tutorials
Bead on the Beach – some free patterns
Auntie’s Beads – has free patterns and free online video tutorials
Around The Beading Table – free patterns for some bracelets and a necklace
Alexis – lots of free patterns for necklaces, bracelets and beaded beads
Diane Fitzgerald – many of her articles from magazines are here
Beadwrangler – beading and crochet lessons; also see their samplers for instructions for many stitches
Eagle Spirit UK – tutorials for african net, daisy chain, chevron chain, karmen necklace and victorian lace
Guide to Beadwork – a complete online beading book
Suzanne Cooper – instructions on peyote stitch as well as the right angle weave spiral rope
About Jewelry Making – index of beading projects
Maria’s Virtual Home – lots of free patterns including the karmen necklace, drops necklace and hearts necklace
Beadnik – free tutorials for netted ornament, netted cabochon, pentacle earrings and tubular right angle weave
Checkerbeads – lots of free patterns including crystal waves
Frogstone Beads – free tutorials including twisted herringbone and fern stitch
Vicki Star – some free patterns
The Glass Butterfly Etc – free patterns for flowers and gold and silver chain; see also tutorials for a beaded toggle and cabochon
Silver Wolf Creations – tutorial for a beaded slave bracelets and other patterns
Ciara’s Beading Page – a few projects including a simple netted necklace
Art and Craft Webzine – lots of free patterns including netted marble earrings
Beadin’ Around The Bush – Victorian beaded Christmas tree ornament
Beltana’s Beads – tutorials on tubular peyote, spiral rope chain, tubular net, loomwork and brick stitch
Aunt Molly’s Bead Street – tutorials on peyote stitch earrings and more plus a patterns page
Janie’s Beads – tutorials for beaded beads and a bracelet
Jelly Beads – some netted bracelets and necklace
Beadweaver Dreams – double spiral rope tutorial
Whimbeads – includes tutorials for freeform peyote, netting, bugle bead choker, herringbone
Beads East – primers on many beadwork stitches
No Easy Beads – tutorials on chevron chain, herringbone stitch and more
Kimberly Chapman’s Beading – tutorials on brick stitch and more
Bead Dancing – some patterns for right angle weave, earrings and christmas tree earrings
Coreopsis – instructions for beaded amulet purse
Vilihelmi the Wildbead – free patterns for several necklaces and bracelets
Perlenhobby – German site, click on anleitungen to get to some free patterns
Midnight Kat Productions – Kat’s right angle weave choker instructions
Shala’s Beadwork – free instructions for four chokers and many patterns – lots of free patterns and other information – lots of free patterns and other information
New Kingdom Beadwork – several free tutorials for bags and patterns
Tugabead – barefoot sandal tutorial
Beads By Mail – project ideas and tutorials for bracelets
Stringabead – pattern for necklace ‘Gabriella’
Beads of Soraya – loops and points necklace tutorial
Donna’s Dreams – tutorials for necklaces
Beads Gallery Sweetpeas – tutorial for ‘plaited herringbone’ and other patterns
Poppy Field Bead Company – beaded ring instructions
Marcie’s Manor- Beading – lots of free peyote and loom patterns and some tutorials for bracelets
CoWoMa Co-op Productions – itty beaded bead tutorial
Red’s Cabochon Shop – cabochon tutorial
Charlene’s Beads – lots of free patterns for peyote, loom, brick stitch
Moonchild – includes free patterns plus links to heaps of other sites
Arleen Hardin – free tutorials and patterns for brick stitch and peyote
Ava’s Beading Galore – free peyote patterns
Black Giraffe – free peyote and square stitch patterns
Bridey’s Beads – free loom patterns and victorian style earrings, check the vintage patterns for scans of books from 1920’s
Rings & Things – free jewelry projects
Beading Banshee – free patterns for earrings, linked chain and dutch spiral variation
Ileea’s Beadwork – free peyote patterns and tutorial for brick stitch triangle bag
Marylyn’s Beadworks – diamond chain tutorial here
Moonstone’s Beaded Phases – free peyote patterns
Ginger’s Ornament – christmas ornament instructions
Nahani’s Den – free brick stitch and peyote patterns
Dona’s Bead Artistry – fast peyote tutorial
Beadi’s Bead Pattern World – free patterns and cab-a-like tutorial
AB Art Glass & Beadwork – how to create a beaded bezel cabochon
Vibrant Jewels – how to bead a cabochon, round and square
All Info About Jewelry Making – many free patterns
A Star Child’s Page – has free peyote patterns
Wolf-Pack Beads – free patterns and spiral variation tutorial
W.F.O’s School of Beading – bracelet and earring tutorials
Morticia’s Magical Bead Tour – freeform right angle weave tutorial
Swirlview Designs – free loom patterns
Janet’s Beadwork – free peyote and brick stitch patterns for earrings and amulets
Beaded Images – some free patterns
Kyal’s page – free peyote patterns
Kim Rostberg – free peyote amulet bag patterns plus mini christmas ornament tutorial
Alesha’s Unleashed Beads – free peyote patterns
Beadtime Stories – free pattern
i-bead – free amulet bag patterns
Shayla Myst – lots of free patterns
The Camel Lot – has biva (Nepal) chain tutorial
Need for Beads – free tutorials for cellini spiral, russian spiral, apache leaf, russian snake and double x stitch
Dutch Spiral – instructions
Serenity by Design – tutorials for fringed spiral and netted amulet bag, plus a patterns page
Jewelry by Varvara – free patterns for netted necklaces, also for peyote and loom
Samandsha – two by two bracelet tutorial
Shanigan’s Bead Shenanigans – free patterns for necklace, bracelet and more
Silver Mist Gardens – raised peyote tutorials
Moonglow Beads – dutch spiral earring tutorial
Olaf Beadwork – free patterns for necklaces, ornament and doily
Nancy Torrey Hesse – free peyote patterns
Leah Kramer – free pattern making software
Beaded Legends – free patterns every month plus brick stitch heart earrings
Bead Jewelry Making – lots of free patterns and instructions for stitches
Fire Mountain Gems – free beading projects and how-to’s
Beadage – learn how to make beaded jewelry
Bead Stringing Projects by Patrice – learn how to do bead stringing
Beaded Magick – free patterns for brick and peyote stitch
Beading Fun – free patterns for earrings, pendant and brooch
Blue Bear Beads – free peyote patterns
Polar Beads – free patterns and instructions
Red Earth Gifts – some free patterns
Native Tech – Native American beading techniques
Kathi Lawson – free amulet purse patterns
ee-beads – jewelry making ideas and instructions
CJ’s Free Beading Patterns – lots of free peyote and brick stitch patterns
Bead Infinitum – free beaded bead and bracelet patterns
Creations by Celtess – free patterns for pen covers and chapstick covers
The Bead Shak – some free patterns for beaded banner pins
Beading Bees – free tutorials for rings and bracelets
Beading with Eden – free patterns for bracelets, necklaces, earrings, ornaments
DebKat’s Bead Gallery – free pattern for lipstick cover
The Princess Castle – free patterns
Beaded Flowers – free patterns for wire flowers
Dream Lizard Designs – free peyote patterns
Beadwork by Heather Hall – free peyote patterns
Merbeader – free patterns
Laughingbird Beads – free pattern
JazzyBeads – free loom patterns
Beaded Phoenix – free pattern for amulet bag
Pat’s Patterns – free patterns for earrings and more
Sonja’s Beading Galore Gallery – free patterns in peyote stitch and loom
Beady Eyed Adele’s Page – some free patterns
Fleur-de-Leigh Designs – some free patterns
Beadesigns by Debra – freebies
Crystal Flair – free beading tutorials
Ayesoar Creations – free brick stitch earrings patterns
Mazeltov Jewelry Treasures – lots of tutorials
Artistic Visions by Liz – free patterns and tutorials for many stitches
Bead Patterns by Betty – free patterns
Bead Intrigue – couple of free patterns
Bead Coop – search for free patterns
Faceted Bead Art – free instructions for right angle weave and others
Blue Rain Designs – free patterns including earrings and ring
Suzanne Siegel Beadwork – free patterns for amulet bags
Beadwright – free loom patterns and tutorials
Sadie Starr – free patterns for split-weave necklaces
Sarah’s Beading Obsession – free patterns for amulets and bracelets
Silverhill Design – animated tutorial for peyote stitch and brick stitch, tutorial for spiral rope and branched fringe
Beady Boop – animated peyote tutorial
Thread-a-bead – free beading patterns
Beadaroo – right angle weave tutorial and more
Joanne Ely – free patterns
Beadalon how-to’s for necklaces, bracelets and earrings, as well as online videos
Beads, Baubles and Jewels – project instructions from the tv show
How-to Tv Online – free beading online videos
Holles Perlenarbeiten – free bead crochet and lighter case patterns
Bob’s Beading Tutorial Page – techniques for beading
Beading Life – how to bead
Healing Beadwork – Winnebago necklace pattern
Easy Bead Patterns – free beading software
DB-Bead – free software to design bead crochet ropes
Unique Beaded Jewelry – instructions for many stitches
All about jewellery making – beadweaving, jewellery making and wirework tutorials
Beadwork Designs – free pattern for bracelet and earrings
Visions by Paula – free instructions for stitches and free patterns for ornament and cabochon brooch
Renaissance Beads – curvy herringbone bracelet tutorial
Aon Celtic Art – free bracelet pattern
Soft Flex Company – free patterns for necklaces, bracelets, earrings and crafts
Beading Daily – free projects for stringing, beadwork and wirework
Bead it Babe! – free tutorials for bead stringing, beadweaving, wirework and macrame
3D-Beading – free tutorials
Alexis’s Bead Instructions
Guide to Beadwork


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