DIY Jewelry Tool Pliers Set

DIY Jewelry Tool Pliers Set consists of:
1. Wire Cutting Pliers
Wire Cutters are Designed for cutting soft wires such as Sterling Silver or Gold-filled wire, These cutters will also work on thread, leather or mono filament line. The angled blades shear line without fraying and leave a smooth, clean edge. The fine tips insure that you can trim wires in tight spots – great for trimming wire-wrapped items and head pins.
2. Round Nose Pliers
Fantastic tool for making earrings and wire wrapping. This is a great all purpose jewelry making tool for crimping and bending head pins. The round nose is the basic jewelry plier. This plier is round outside and flat inside. The round surface is not serrated and will not damage metals or delicate piece work
3. Chain Nose Pliers
Chain nose pliers are for closing bead tips and crimping in tight places. Box-joint construction with tapered tips, smooth jaws and slightly rounded edges for shaping and bending.
Price: RM49.90


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