l14 Crystal Flowr Ring Tutorial

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It’s weekend! After a busy week it’s time to relax. Try a new beading project and a have a new piece of handmade jewelry.   We have loaded more beading tutorials on our DIY Beading Club Lessons Gallery. Check them …


DIY Beaded Butterfly Tutorial Part 1

We caught a butterfly on our garden! Take a look how pretty she is. Want to catch your own butterfly? Follow these steps!Step 1: Cut an arm span of thread and string 5 seed beads. Cross both threads into a …


Wire Jewelry Tutorial: How to make Turquoise Filigree Pendant

Remember Miss Emily Tan? She’s now part of our family of Design Team where we featured her on this article. Well, she’s got a secret to tell…her Filigree Pendant has been published!Turquoise Filigree Pendant Though this tutorial is catered for …

Leafy Necklace lesson

DIY Leafy Pearl Necklace Tutorial

  Learn Triangle Weaving technique and create flowers from pearls, bicones and seed beads. You can link the flowers to create bracelets and necklaces. You can also create just 2 flowers and turn them into earrings. Suited for beginner level …


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Now that any flowers in the garden are totally gone, here are some sorts of beaded varieties to take us through a tropic! So, be inspired with these series of flower tutorials to integrate into your jewelry designs. Still looking …

diy handmade bracelets

  The story behind on Erica’s love on craft, art, fashion is nothing the less, Honestly WTF.  Erica Chan Coffman haul-up the veil on her success and what’s kept her so passionate on her craft over these years. She became well-known DIY contributor through the …

how to make your own wire clasps

A wire clasp always comes for a rescue. Because of this, you can create a beautiful necklace or bracelet. The problem is just that you don’t even have a clasp. So, what you can do? Simple, learn how to make …