Precious Gemstones for Jewelry Making

As the attractiveness of beading has developed over the years, significant sources of good-quality beads have been reproduced.

This can be seen by the many types of beads that are being produced; among the beads that are being made available for fellow beaders  (like us!), there is an incredible range of precious and semi-precious stones which have […]

Jewelry Making Tutorial: Delicate Purple Beaded Jewelry for All!

In the modern world, jewelries are statements, which can add a color like a pop of purple accent to any plain outfit; and there are so many colors  like red beaded jewelry or purple beaded jewelry that you can use to create beautiful pieces of jewelry which can be a statement of fashion! You can […]

How to Make Soldered Pendants

There are a number and various types of jewelry making techniques that can be found all over the internet. Today, we will focus on soldering. We will go on a journey together to find out about soldering irons and how to make beautiful soldered pendants.

A fact, it is a process that uses the combination of a soldering […]

Round-Up Free Jewelry Making Tutorials and Jewelry Making News

Hello Handmade Jewelry Club readers! Have you missed a post? Here’s a compilation of free jewelry making tutorials and jewelry making news!

Dutch Stitch Beading Technique

Put some glisten and glam into your style with the help of the dutch stitch bracelet video tutorial. When you make this DIY bracelet, you’ll learn how to work with bead […]

Learn to embellish a Daisy Stitch



It’s weekend and here’s a recommended beading bracelet project for you! Learn to embellish a simple Daisy Stitch and create 6-petal perfect looking flowers that you can link to form a bracelet.

What a lovely piece of handmade jewelry to wear, don’t you agree? You can create the bracelet in different colors, which I think would […]

Fabulous Metal Beads for Jewelry Making

If you’re thinking about creating an attractive handmade accessory for your friends or loved ones, using metal beads for jewelry making is what you should go for. Before you begin, you need to think about their individual tastes as there are two different sorts of beads; one is an alluring and feminine stones, while the other set is […]

More about Czech Fire Polished Beads!

Hello fellow Handmade Jewelry Club readers! While going through my storage of beads, I found my remaining stash of Czech Fire Polished beads.

I love these beads because of its smooth finishing and how it shines when it catches light. Fire polished beads are also known as faceted glass beads. They come in an array of […]

How to Create Beaded Spacers for Multi-strand Bracelets

It’s me again, Keri Dudas and it’s time for my diy jewelry making! For our project today I’ll teach you how to create beaded spacers that you can use for multi-strand bracelets :)

I enjoy making multi-stranded bracelets, however, I’ve the worst time finding spacer bars for the projects that I’m working on that I don’t […]

DIY Beaded Butterfly-Themed Tutorials

While butterflies may keep our surroundings brighten up during the summer season, we cannot help but adore them. Various DIY jewelry projects with butterfly-themes are the ideal way to create your outfits truly “pop” with perfect dimension and color. We have put together some of our favorite butterfly jewelry pieces for you to craft and […]

Dutch Stitch Beading Technique

If you don’t know how to create a unique bracelet, this crazy dutch spiral bracelet video tutorial will show you how it’s perfectly done. There are plenty of DIY bracelets to choose from, but Jill’s bracelet pattern is special because each bead fuses together to make this bracelet a special one. Jewelers would never have […]