Tips for Jewelry Care

We love our jewelry and wear it when and where possible. Before our pieces start to show premature signs of wear and tear, we should try our very best to clean them and preserve their beauty! The post today will be on jewelry care! We all know that when we are up and about, our skin […]

Seed Beads for Jewelry and Craft Ideas

Seed beads are small beads. When you see the size number for these beads, do not be fooled and think that the bigger the number, the bigger the bead! The number means how many beads there are in an inch. For example, if the size stated is 11/0, this means there are 11 beads in […]

DIY Barefoot Sandals!

Hello fellow beaders! We have so many designs which are for the neck, hands and ears, so why not something for feet? I was surfing through the internet and stumbled upon sandals that were said to be barefoot. I was thinking to myself: What has our crafters come up with this time? I pushed on to find […]

DIY Rhinestone Jewelry

Hello fellow beaders! We have here today what you can do with a full rhinestone bracelet or with loose rhinestones you have lying around your workstation. I love rhinestones as they are oh so shiny and pretty! I love the way it reflects the light and can be worn at any occasions, be it formal […]

How to Make Hearts Beading Tutorials

As the heart symbolizes devotion, love, and passion, nothing beats a heart when you intend to add a little charm to a design. There are several various ways to add this exciting shape to a beadwork, heart-themed beads, and heart bead work patterns. You might be encouraged to utilize some variations of the heart theme […]

Round-Up Free Jewelry Making Tutorials and Jewelry Making News

Hello Handmade Jewelry Club readers! Have you missed a post? Here’s a compilation of free jewelry making tutorials and jewelry making news!

Glass Beads Making Methods

Glass beads are handy and comparatively affordable. They are made from various colors and levels of lucidity, which allows crafter’s to create varied pieces. They can provide shine and spark without […]

Super Dou and Twin Beads Beading Pattern

Twin Beads and Superdou Beads are oval shaped seed beads with 2 holes.  They may look very similar and you’ll only notice the difference once the beadwork is created. Working with Twin Beads creates a slightly bigger or wider beadwork while with Superdou, the beads seem to fit each other and the beadwork is slightly […]

Cutting Glass Tools: Glass Crafter’s Supplies

It is common sense that a craftsperson will not be able to work very well without good cutting tools. In fact, there are various cutting tools available from simple pistol grip cutters to glass cutters. This can very easily and precisely cut glass, to decrease wastage of glass. There are also a number of special […]

Glass for jewelry!

Glass has been around us as long as I can remember. We use glass in our everyday life. We have glass cups, light bulbs, plates and windows.  It is so common that we do not realize how awesome it is!

Just a little history to get this kick started: Glass has been around 3000 BC. Egyptians, […]

Types of Clasps for your Jewelry

How often have you experienced difficulties when opening and closing a clasp on a necklace or bracelet? How often have you been disappointed when it breaks? Well, choosing the right clasps can fix these problems. You can choose them to match any jewelry piece you’re making, and to use them is actually easy.

In jewelry design, […]