Attaching a Crimp Bead

Thinking about any jewelry making business?

In fact, it is your craft skills and determination that will allow you to make exceptional accessories for your souvenirs, gifts, and embellishments. Before you start doing it, it is significant to know some basic techniques that you will need to turn your items into stunning jewelry.

Crimp beads are tiny objects […]

Handy Jewelry Making Tool: Crimping Pliers for Jewelry Making

Crimping pliers is an ideal tool for creating perfect crimps. The two dips are capable for shaping crimp tube in two different stages. The edges of this tool are both smooth and nice that allows a perfect curve.

Crimping pliers are mostly used with crimp beads to secure a clasp on the end of beading wire. This includes […]

How to Securely End Your Strand of Pearls!

Howdy fellow readers! Today we will be exploring how to end strands of pearls properly, so that you do not need to be fearful that your strand is loose.

There are three methods on how to end your strand of pearls: French Wire, bead tips and directly attaching a clasp.

We will be diving into these three methods […]

It’s coming! Prepare for The Day The Dead Rises with Halloween themed Jewelry!

The night of 31st October, at nightfall, it is said that ghosts and witches will visit the land of the living. That night is Halloween! Other than Trick-and-Treating, another significant part of celebrating Halloween is getting dressed up. With so many amazing DIY Halloween costume ideas floating around; pairing them up with some DIY Halloween themed jewelry will suit it perfectly. […]

Easy Technique for Knotting Between Pearls

Regardless of how you finish your necklaces, bracelets and the sorts of jewelry. Most of the time, these jewelry need knots between beads. Minerals, beads, and pearls should always have a knot between neighboring beads of similar types. In this article, the topic on an easy technique for knotting between pearls will be introduced to […]

Round-Up Free Jewelry Making Tutorials and Jewelry Making News

Hello Handmade Jewelry Club readers! Have you missed a post? Here’s a compilation of free jewelry making tutorials and jewelry making news!

How to Make Soldered Pendants

There are a number and various types of jewelry making techniques that can be found all over the internet. Today, we will focus on soldering. We will go on a […]

DIY Beading Flowers Jewelry Making Tutorials

Flowers never go out of season. There are flowers that will bloom on summer, fall, autumn and winter and each type of flower has its own beauty that everyone would love to see. Flowers are always a favorite to many and on this issue of DIY Beading Magazine, we’ll see an array of diy beading […]



Splish Splash! It’s Water Themed Jewelry!

Hello fellow beaders! The theme for this post will be “Water”. We all know that our bodies are made up of as much of 75% water, so, why not just don a couple more of ounces of water on our bodies?

We see water everywhere and there are times I do admit that I take it […]

Useful Cutting Pliers for Jewelry and Crafts Designing

We all know that when it comes to tighter, neater loops and smoother ends for our jewelry, we need the right tool for the job.

So here’s a simple guide to cutting pliers that you need to know about when it comes to having a neat ending to our jewelry.

If you’re using thread to string beads, […]