Beading Tutorial: How to bead shapes with Superdou beads

It has been awhile since I shared a beading tutorial. I thought of sharing one today and consider this as my early Christmas gift so I hope you will like it. :)

Today, I’ll share a beading tutorial using only 1 type of bead, the Superdou beads! I wanted to make a shape that I can […]

Free Christmas Jewelry Making Tutorials

Decorate your little Christmas tree with your very own handcrafted ornaments and then prep-up for that Christmas party with your very own handcrafted Christmas jewelry!

In this issue of DIY Beading Magazine, you will lean how to make popular Christmas ornaments like candy canes, Christmas balls and even a Christmas tree to bring that warm and […]

Give A Gift This Christmas – a DIY Beading Club Sale

Ho-ho-ho!!! I’m so excited as Christmas is nearing day by day :) Have you prepared a gift for your friends and families? Though thinking of gifts to give during Christmas season is stressful, still, it is the best thing that happens every Christmas. But DIY Beading Club has something that’s even better. Check this out!

If […]

Swarovski Beads Assortments

How can a Swarovski bead have so much effect in a jewelry piece? Let me tell you how: These crystals are generally used as embellishments because of their ability or I daresay “power” for making someone look and even feel beautiful. These crystals are an excellent accessory to even the plainest dress that you can […]

DIY Watch Bands as Jewelry!

Since I had a phone, I have neglected my watch. It used to be my means of checking the time. Nowadays I use my phone to check the time. I really do miss looking at my wrist for the time. I mean, it is easier rather than taking out your phone and turning it on […]

DIY Quilled Jewelry!

So… I still have some leftover strips of paper and was just about to throw them away when I remembered that I could still make things out of them. I was not planning on folding small stars so I ventured into the internet to find me some inspiration! We recently had the post on paper […]

DIY Chokers for Your Neck

Chokers are a fashion statement! We have many kinds of designs for chokers and they can be of all sorts of colors. I do admit that when chokers are mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind are that it is usually gothic styled or steamed punk. Rarely would I associate the thought of chokers […]

Round-Up Free Jewelry Making Tutorials and Jewelry Making News

Hello Handmade Jewelry Club readers! Have you missed a post? Here’s a compilation of free jewelry making tutorials and jewelry making news!

Flutter Flutter! Butterflies!

Flutter  flutter, flutter flutter, what flutters  around with their beautiful colors and with such grace? I am talking about butterflies! Butterflies are one of nature’s beautiful creations. They come in a variety […]

DIY Earrings in 30-Minutes

Just 12 days to go and it will soon be Christmas! I’m sure by this time you already have schedules for group parties, office parties and reunions maybe. Party or gathering here and there, I myself am getting busy on my party schedules. :)

It is really going to be a busy week before Christmas. Buying […]

Handy Techniques for Making Jewelry Findings

Does it not meddle you up when you are in the midst of your jewelry-making design and then, end up in frustration because you find that you are either running out or ran out of jewelry-making findings?  Well, if you have a piece of wire near you, you can create your own jewelry components like earring wires, eye […]